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Selected names

  • 2014.10.15

    Christmas Island

    The island in the Pacific known as Christmas Island is called the same in the language of the »

  • 2014.10.10


    The name of the lake in West Sjælland probably is connected to the old heathen gods – and a large »

  • 2014.10.07


    As an historical location Jelling has formed the centre of rotation for many investigations and at »

  • 2014.08.20


    Odense is only the third largest city in Denmark but nevertheless perhaps the one that is most »

  • 2012.08.29


    The High German surname Zornig is making frequent appearances in Danish media at the moment, a name »

  • 2012.08.16


    The girls' name Majbritt is the one that has been authorised by the Nation Social Appeals Board in »

  • 2012.08.16


    Tristan has been included in Statistics Denmark’s list of the 50 most popular boys’ names since »

  • 2012.08.16


    On 14th April 2011 it was revealed that the new Danish prince was in future to be referred to as »

  • 2012.08.14


    The name has given rise to many variants in different languages, including Persian and Arabic. Many »

  • 2012.07.14


    Most Danes have heard about the two rune stones in Jelling – only a few of them, however, know »

  • 2012.01.06


    The Mayor of Århus in 2010 proposed to change the spelling Århus to Aarhus. Cases like these are »

  • 2011.12.19


    The roots of the masculine name Asger go more than one thousand years back in time and it can thus »

  • 2011.12.01


    The name Johannes is probably the name that has given rise to the largest number of variants and »

  • 2011.11.29


    The popularity of the name in Denmark first became obvious in the middle of the 1990s. What is »

  • 2011.11.27


    In its present form the name Århus would seem to be a compound of the words åre 'oar' and hus »

  • 2011.11.23


    The newly-appointed Danish Minister of Finance has brought the surname Corydon into the limelight. »

  • 2011.11.19


    Ribe is the first Danish town we know by name. There is no consensus on the meaning of the name, »

  • 2011.11.14


    How the Danish capital København has come to end up by being called Copenhagen in English is »