Names and genealogy

Research into names is primarily a linguistic discipline. One of the other disciplines that also derives benefit from the results achieved by name research, however, is genealogy. This research is very often conducted by private individuals and is mainly concerned with their own family history.

As such name research has nothing to do with genealogy and here on we cannot offer very much information about the subject. Interested genealogists can instead refer to the website of Statens Arkiver (The Danish State Archives) for information about genealogy.

One of the sites where genealogists have been able to make good use of the results achieved by name research is the one belonging to Landbohistorisk Selskabs Adkomstregistrering 1513-1550 (The Society for Agricultural History's Registration of title deeds, site in Danish). This registration is a list of place-names and personal names contained in all the documents for the period concerned that deal with the ownership of landed property; basically farms, plots of land, meadows and woodland. The registration covers present-day Denmark and the lands in Skåne and South Schleswig.