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How many boys were given this name in 2009?



Sebastian is a Greek name which may mean 'honourable'. It might alternatively mean 'a man from Sebasta'. Sebasta is the name of a Greek town in Asia Minor.


The name began to become more and more popular at the end of the 1980s. Its popularity culminated in 2006, when 727 newborn boys were given the name, but since then the popularity of the name has diminished somewhat.

Well-known bearers of the name

Saint Sebastian was a Roman martyr in the 3rd century. The singer Sebastian, who was born in 1949, was responsible among other works for the song about 'Nana'. His real name was Knud Torben Grabow Christensen. Another well-known Sebastian is Sebastian Klein (born in 1972 ) who is a popular TV-host for children.


The pet-form Bastian (as in the case of the form Sander for Alexander) has become popular in recent years without the name having been employed earlier in Denmark. In 2009 172 boys were given the name Bastian.