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How many boys were given this name in 2009?



Oliver is an English form of the old French name Olivier. The name probably means 'olive-grower' or 'olive-tree'.


The name began to grow in popularity around 1990 and its popularity increased quickly until 1999, where it culminated with 946 new bearers. Since then its popularity has been in decline.

Well-known bearers of the name

In 1837-38 Charles Dickens wrote his novel Oliver Twist about a boy in the workhouse who dared to ask for a second helping. In our times the name is familiar from among others the model Oliver Bjerrehuus, who was born in 1975, and the English TV-cook Jamie Oliver (also born in 1975 – althoug in his case the name is his surname.


Oliver  – like Noah – is a name that does not have a long history in Denmark. It does have a longer history on the other hand in lands such as England and the USA.