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How many boys were given this name in 2009?

Frederik: 573
Fredrik: 11
Frederick: 3


The name Frederik is a Danish form of the old Germanic name Friedrich which is a compound of the two words fried 'peace' and 'rich', 'power' or 'ruler'.


In the 1960s the name experienced its lowest popularity in the 20th century but in the 1980s the name became popular again. Its popularity culminated in 1997 when no fewer than 1329 boys were given the name. The popularity of the name has since decreased.

Well-known bearers of the name

For several centuries the names of the Danish kings have alternated between Frederik and Christian. The last Frederik was Frederik 9, who died in 1972. Frederik is also the name of one of Cirkeline’s good friends (a mouse) in the books and animated cartoons about these characters.