Settlement names ending in ‑tved

The ending ‑tved is one of the most wide spread words for clearings in Danish place names. It is found in names such as Næstved and Ortved. Just like the rød-names, many of the tved-names are formed from personal names that are well-known from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. However, there are Danish tved-names both in the Danelaw and in Normandy, and this means that the name type must be dated to the Viking Age. Yet, tved-names were continuously formed in the Middle Ages.

All together, the tved-names seem to be a little younger than the rød-names. Still, the most important difference between the rød-names and the tved-names is that the two name-types are found only rarely in the same areas. This means that they complement each other geographically.

The tved-names are often hard to identify because the ending easily changes. For instance the following Zealand names are all formed from the ending ‑tved: Bjergsted, Gelsted, Tornved and Tjørnede. The same counts for Harte in East Jutland and Humble on Langeland.