Settlement names in -inge

Danish place names ending in -inge are among the oldest place names in Denmark. The oldest inge-names are said to be from the first centuries of the Christian era. The youngest may have been formed as late as the early Viking Age. Today, the names end in -ing in Jutland and in -inge on the islands east of Jutland. This includes Flemming and Bjerring in Jutland as well as Lydinge and Døjringe in the islands.

The ending in the inge-names has a place marking meaning, e.g. Ketting 'the place with the cats', but it can also contain an originally genitive plural form of an inhabitant appellation, e.g. Varming that originally is an inhabitant appellation referring to the town's original name Varmhøj. Thus, Varming means 'the Varmhøj inhabitants town'.