Settlement names ending in ‑bøl or ‑bølle

A number of settlement names ending in ‑bøl are found in Jutland, e.g. Oksbøl. In the islands east of Jutland, similar names end in ‑bølle, e.g. Skallebølle. The biggest concentration of bøl(le)-names is found in southern Denmark, especially in Sønderjylland and on Langeland.

The ending ‑bøl(le) goes back to the Old Danish ‑bøli, meaning 'dwelling, home, or farm.' The bøl(le)-names are formed with words and personal names similar to those found in the torp-names, e.g. the male personal name Knud in Knudsbøl. There are also wide spread examples of bøl(le)-names formed with adjectives, e.g. ny 'new' in Nybøl - corresponding names are often called Neble or Nebel, today.

The bøl(le)-names are a little younger than the torp-names, however; they date back to the last part of the Viking Age or the Middle Ages. This is underlined by the fact that only one Danish bøl(le)-name, Newball, has been found in the Danelaw - corresponding to the Danish Nybøl. All together, the language material found in the bøl(le)-names is younger than that found in the  torp-names.